On Darning, And The Beauty Of Worn Clothes

2023. Acrylic on Canvas, 26" x 34"


All Hands On Deck

2023. Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 18"


I Think I Need New Pillows

2023. Mixed Media on Canvas, 11" x 14"


Keep It Together Baby, We Love You

2022. Oil on Canvas, 18" x 26"



2022. Acrylic on Canvas, 26" x 26"


Fell Asleep Too Early On New Year's Eve

2022. Oil on Canvas, 9" x 12"


The Curator

2021. Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"


Pink Cow In A Dream

2021. Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"


A Mess

2020. Acrylic & Pastel on Paper, 11" x 14"



2019. Oil on Canvas, 8" x 8"

Losing My Religion


2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 16"

    Many Contradictions, Many Moods

    Many Contradictions Many Moods” explores the complexity and multifaceted nature of human emotions, experiences, and perspectives. It acknowledges the many and often contradicting feelings, thoughts and behaviors that may exist within an individual while implying that each of these is a rich contribution to one’s experience. With this work, viewers are urged to embrace their inherent diversity, recognising that it is through these contradictions and moods that we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This ongoing series currently features works of abstract portraiture done in either acrylic or oil on canvas. Each portrait places an emphasis on form, color, and composition over realistic representation. This is done to depict the subject in a way that goes beyond physical likeness and to delve into the complexities of their inner world and emotional landscape. Repeating motifs of geometric shapes, intersecting lines, and complementary colors are used to tell familiar stories of conflict, tension, angst, lust, and addiction, amongst others.